Lavers Hill-Cobden Road, Jancourt East, Victoria

RSA | Bridges | Detailed Design

The project involved an intersection and bridge upgrade at Lavers Hill-Cobden Road / Timboon-Colac Road, Jancourt East. The roads are ‘C’ classification with single lanes, and basic intersections, no street lighting throughout the subject length, significant approach vertical grades, and a localised speed reduction from 100km/h to 80km/h in the vicinity of the intersection. During the site visit dominant vehicle movement were observed.
This coincided with the ‘12 Apostles Food Artisans Gourmet Trail’
Additionally, there were a large proportion of trucks observed. The audit team’s incidental discussions with locals revealed that there are four gas plants in the area, many dairy farms, and that the trucks run at all hours of the day and night. Other local features include a conservation reserve and a racing speedway. This local area context was considered in the audit in relation to functional aspects of lane layouts, prior to interrogation of the finer details.

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