RSA is not just Road Safety Audits

RSA’s road safety auditors base their knowledge on practical first hand examples through conducting significant numbers of road and transport safety audits (all stages).

Road Safety Audits

Road Safety Audits (RSAs) are an internationally recognised methodology for assessing safety  issues within existing and new road networks – during the design stage, the construction/  roadwork stage and during pre and post-opening stages.

DDA / Accessibility

RSA has established itself as a leader in DDA and DSAPT accessibility and safety audits. Our  team have experience undertaking accessibility audits in many settings within public open  spaces, public transport environments and the built-environment. Our teams are experienced in  undertaking pragmatic assessments to ensure practical accessibility can be achieved within  existing infrastructure redevelopments, new developments, urban design and public transport.

Safety System Assessments

Safe Systems is a philosophy for considering the various elements of the transport system  forming an environment which eliminates the potential for serious and fatal injury crashes. The  Safe System philosophy accepts that road users makes mistakes but aims to provide an  environment which prevents the road users from suffering serious or fatal injuries as a  consequence of mistakes. 

RSA has extensive experience undertaking Safe System Assessments, especially for major  road infrastructure projects and for initiatives involving vulnerable road users including  motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Legal Expert Witness

As RSA’s team, includes senior members with 15+ years’ experience in road safety, we are  often engaged to provide expert witness advice for transport and traffic legal matters. RSA’s  legal clients include many major national and international law firms.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments apply similar principles and methodologies as Road Safety Audits to assessing transport and traffic environments, identify issues, quantify risks and consider treatments and  solutions. 

Other Specialisations


RSA can train your team on issues such as road safety, traffic management, protocols for managing moving equipment using our pre-existing training modules or develop bespoke training material specific to your needs.


RSA is often engaged to provide optioneering expertise. Especially during project initiation or concept design, optioneering can be a valuable methodology to assessment various options taking account of issues such as safety, stakeholder issues, cost and land acquisition.


RSA can undertake crash assessments and analysis of specific crashes or ‘black spot’ sites. Our teams can liaise with other experts as required to undertake crash site reconstructions and detailed analysis. We can also develop mitigation solutions.