Kingsbury Drive, Bundoora, Melbourne

Safe System Assessment | Urban

The assessment focussed on the existing conditions for the Kingsbury Drive / Access Road intersection, to be used as a comparison with the SSA score achieved by the proposed functional design signalisation of the intersection.

The proposed design signalises the intersection and adds stand-up lanes at the intersection on the Kingsbury Drive leg with zip-merges at the departure side. Based on the commencement meeting, the purpose of the project is for intersection operation (full turns), safety, and in particular to prepare for the sports centre being the training ground for the Matilda’s for the 2023 (soccer) World Cup.

The assessment found that the design was a broad improvement on the intersection operation with a minor improvement in road safety, particularly if cyclist volumes on Kingsbury Drive (on-road) remain low, and if the underpass is highly utilised by pedestrians with minimal at-grade informal road crossing. The design had marginal alignment with safe system principles. It was proffered that the following treatments would improve the safe system alignment of the project: 

  1. Raised Platform Intersection (Primary) 
  2. Fully Controlled Right Turn in Signal Phasing (Secondary) 
  3. Provide Pedestrian Crossing at Intersection (Secondary)

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