General Modifications and First Principles

Safety Barriers | General Modifications and First Principles

RSA has specialised for many years in assessing unique safety hardware layouts and designs in brownfield sites. Issues often relate to height, transitions, offsets to kerb, lean, products, terminations, anchoring, lean and encroachment zones, and work practices. 

Much of the advice able to be provided emanates form knowledge on how safety hardware is crash tested, successes and failures in the crash testing (as discussed in FHWA acceptance letters), and other foundational source guidance such as: Road Design Guide (AAHTO), Manual for Assessing Hardware (AAHTO).

Secondary sources are: research reports from major research institutions such as TRL (U.K.) and NCHRP (U.S.), ARRB, MUARC, CARRS-Q, and leading state departments of transport such as Texas Transport Institute; AS/NZS 3845.1:2015; ASBAP  technical advice; and manufacturer design and installation manuals, ASBAP technical guidance.

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