CBD Building, Sydney

Whether a multi-storey development car park or public transport or shopping centre open space, there’s a focus on:

  • Internal circulation layout;
  • Loading areas;
  • Vehicular/cyclists/pedestrian access arrangements;
  • Road / access interface.

With car parks, RSA goes beyond Austroads Guide to Road Safety Part 6 prompt lists and deploys specialised internal checklists of much greater specificity and nuance which better cover general car park safety themes such as:

  • Vehicle operating speed
  • General conflict points / areas
  • Reversing manoeuvres
  • Vehicle types
  • Vehicle hazards and desire lines
  • Sight lines
  • Signs and line marking
  • Navigation and flow
  • Delivery / service / maintenance areas
  • High activity / concentration areas
  • Pedestrian hazards
  • Pedestrian desire lines
  • Pedestrian access
  • Cyclist access and manoeuvring
  • Surface conditions
  • Pedestrian and vehicular interface with access points and external areas
  • Compliance to principles within AS2890.1

The audit team goes far beyond ‘compliance to AS2890.1’ by critically assessing the layout and user behaviour issues, and provides balanced recommendations.

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