Gateway Upgrade, Sydney

RSA | Shared Path | Novel Design | Major Project

The project was considering installing a continuous rail with a decorative element into the surface of the ATL (shared path).

The rails would have been composed of a stainless-steel surface intended to be flush with adjacent pavement.

RSA undertook a road safety audit with a civil materials and construction specialist on the audit team. Four key area safety issues were raised as follows:

  1. Engineering Issues Resulting in Path Deformities and Subsequent Trip / Fall Issues
  • Differential movement (using thermal expansion coeficients for concrete and steel) and resultant ‘hogging’
  • Stresses and strains resulting in spalling
  • Construction (initial and ultimate stainless steel interface lippage, and, the placement, pouring, screeding, and controlling the position and alignment of the stainless steel on varying vertical and horizontal geometry of the shared use path).
  1. Glare
  2. Slip resistance
  3. Path user confusion

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