Road Authorities & Standards

Australian Government – Department of Infrastructure and Transport

Standards Australia

ACT – Territory & Municipal Services – “Move”

NSW – Road Traffic Authority (RTA)
NSW – Road Traffic Authority (RTA) Standards

NT – Northern Territory Transport Group

Queensland – Transport & Main Roads
Traffic & Road Use Management Manual – TRUM

SA – Transport
SA – Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
SA – Standards

Tasmania – Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources

Victoria – Department of Transport
Victoria – Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM) Volume 1: Traffic Management
Victoria – Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM) Volume 2: Signs & Markings

WA – Main Roads Western Australia
WA Road Standards

Parliamentary Committees

National Road Safety Committee Reports
NSW – Staysafe (Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety)
Victoria – Road Safety Committee Victoria

Road Rules

Australian Road Rules 2008
ACT – Road Rules 2010
NSW – Road Rules – 2008
Queensland – Road Rules – 2009
SA – Road Rules 2011
Tasmania – Road Rules 1999
Victoria – Road Rules 2009

Statutory Authorities

National Transport Commission

Linking Melbourne Authority – LMA

Safe Work Australia
Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission
WorkCover Authority of NSW
Workplace Health & Safety Queensland
Worksafe NT
WorkSafe Victoria
Worksafe WA


Australian Local Government Association
Australian Automobile Association – AAA

Automobile Association of the Northern Territory
National Roads & Motorists’ Association (NSW)
Royal Automobile Association of South Australia – RAA
Royal Automobile Club (WA) – RAC
Royal Automobile Club of Queensland – RACQ
Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania – RACT
Royal Automobile Club of Victoria – RACV

Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management – AITPM

Traffic Management Association of New South Wales – TMAN
Traffic Management Association of Queensland – TMAQ
Traffic Management Industry Association of Victoria – TMIAV

Road Safety & Research

General Road Safety Web Links

Australian Road Research Board – ARRB Group
Australian Transport Safety Bureau – ATSB
How Safe is your Car?
Institute of Transport Studies (Monash University)
Accident Research Centre – MONARC (Monash University)
Victoria CrashStats
Road Safety Research, Policing & Education Conference (2009, 2010, 2011)


Victorian Transport Plan 2008

Bicycles & Cycling

Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011-2016
Australian Bicycle Council
Cycling Resource Centre

Bicycle NSW
NSW BikePlan

Bicycle Queensland

Bike SA

Bicycle Tasmania

Bicycle Victoria – BV
Victorian Cycling Strategy 2009

BikeWest (DoT)


Australian Human Rights Commission – AusHumanRights (formerly HREOC)
Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission
Disability Online Victoria (DiVine): an online community for and by people with a disability
Pedestrian Mobility (Switzerland)


Accident Investigation
Energy Absorption (US)
Advanced Road Signs & Safety


Australasian College of Road Safety
Transit New Zealand


Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine – AAAM (USA)
Federal Highway Administration – FHWA (USA)

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (USA)

Highway Safety Research Centre (University of North Carolina, USA)
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – NHTSA (USA)
Transport Canada
Signs (USA) – unofficial site


Arrive Safe (India)
Institute of Road Traffic Education – IRTE (India)


Royal Automotive Club – RAC (UK)
Department for Transport – DfT (UK)
European Transport Safety Council – ETSC (EU)
European Union Road Federation – ERF (EU)
Federal Ministry of Transport, Building & Urban Development (Germany)
Institute for Road Safety Research – SWOV (The Netherlands)
Institute of Transport Economics – TOI (Norway)
National Road Authority (Ireland)
Nordic Road and Transport Research
Pedestrian Mobility (Switzerland)


Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport (Japan)


South Africa ‘arrive alive’


Bicycle Helmet Debate
Drive & Stay Alive – Road Safety News

International Road Federation – IRF
International Road Safety Academy Association – IRSA
Prompt Assistance to Victims of Road Accidents (PATVORA)
World Road Association – PIARC